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Dakota Ridge is a community engaged in developing the unique skills of individual students through creative programming and collaboration.

Our Beliefs

We believe in a SAFE school environment and are committed to:

  • Developing and implementing positive, proactive behavior interventions with consistency, integrity and fidelity
  • Teaching and providing feedback regarding school expectations

We believe in RESPECTING others and are committed to:

  • Celebrating the individual needs and differences of one another while being part of a larger community
  • Not defining a student by their behavior
  • Engaging in POSITIVE COMMUNICATION and RELATIONSHIPS with students, parents, and colleagues

We believe in personal RESPONSIBILITY and are committed to:

  • Teaching every student to be their best advocate and to develop their life goals
  • Assuming responsibility for actions
  • Engaging in learning that balances high academic expectations and social skills instruction
  • Hands on learning and community involvement as a necessary part of the curriculum

Core Curriculum

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