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Picture of DR Behavior Specialist

behavior specialist

  • Facilitates SAT meetings for staff in order to problem solve student behaviors
  • Serves as an administrative designee at IEP meetings; also may attend IEP meetings when requested by teachers, parents, and/or administration to collaborate and determine additional needs for students
  • Collaborates with teachers, students, parents and administration in programming for students' needs
  • Provides due process for non-tenured staff
  • Collaborates with staff to observe, analyze, support and implement effective behavior support plans for students
  • Supports positive behavior within the classroom
Picture of DR MTSS coach Andrea Lohman

MTSS coach

The MTSS Coach will participate in district's training for all teachers to excel in literacy and other academic instruction for student growth as well as coach teachers on the district curricula and interventions to ensure they are implemented within Dakota Ridge classrooms.

The MTSS Coach is also available to provide support for the following:

  • Facilitates PLC/trainings
  • Leveled Literacy Interventions to small groups
  • Serves as an administrative designee at IEP meetings
  • Due process support for non-tenured staff
  • Collaboration and support around academic instruction
  • Behavior support as needed
Image of Dakota Ridge Social Worker Brianna Nelson

Liscensed CLINICAL Social worker

The School Social Worker at Dakota Ridge School works with students to help them learn to succeed within the social environment.  The School Social Worker is available to respond in crisis situations, to work with students individually and in group settings, connect with outside resources (i.e., probation officers, county workers, mental health professionals, and community organizations), and work with families in need.

Image of Dakota Ridge Lead Interventionist Teri Schierenbeck

Lead interventionist

  • Provides literacy support to the building
  • Provides Literacy Lessons to students
  • Provides Leveled Literacy Interventions to small groups
  • Facilitates PLC/trainings
  • Supports Tier 3 interventions as detailed in Northstar
  • Monitors and maintains Northstar data
  • Provides math or behavioral support as needed
  • Serves as an administrative designee at IEP meetings 
Portrait of educator Schlesser

speech pathologist

The Dakota Ridge Speech/Language Pathologist provides services to students who have significant needs in the area of communication. These areas may include articulation disorders (difficulty producing speech sounds), language disorders (difficulty with understanding and expressing thoughts and ideas), voice disorders (having an inappropriate pitch/quality of voice), and fluency disorders or stuttering.

Portrait of Tracy Jacobson

Occupational therapist

Our Occupational Therapist assesses and determines students' needs, then collaborates with educational team through the educational process.  She provides services based on student needs and aids in adapting the educational environment. The therapist also observes students to determine modifications and/or strategies, trains and assists staff in implementing strategies and techniques for improved functional independence, and develops adaptations and modifications for students.

Portrait of Dakota Ridge school nurse


All medications, prescriptions and over-the-counter (OTC), must be kept in the nurse's office.  This includes ibuprofen, acetaminophen, inhalers and eye drops. OTC medications require a note from home before a student can take it. 

Photo of Dakota Ridge School Psychologist

School Psychologist

The School Psychologist at Dakota Ridge performs various functions as deemed necessary by the coordinator/principal and individual needs of the students.

Dakota County sheriff's badge


Police Resource Officers are not District employees. They are contracted through and trained by the Dakota County Sheriff's Office.  Police Resource Officers are present in the school for purposes of providing law enforcement services.

Picture of DR music teacher

Elizabeth hainlen      music specialist

In music, students engage in a variety of activities that enhance and support their learning at Dakota Ridge School. Our music specialist uses music to support Dakota Ridge students with a variety of skills including; music literacy, social skills, communication, using music as a leisure activity, teamwork, sensory regulation, and cognitive skills.

Picture of DR phy ed DAPE teacher

gina hughes 
Developmental adaptive physical education (DApe)

Physical Education is an essential and basic component of a comprehensive education program. Through DAPE, learners with disabilities can achieve greater degrees of social independence, emotional stability, physical well-being and intellectual development. DAPE teachers utilize an individualized approach that builds upon a student's current skill level and plan activities that support each student's unique physical, social, emotional and intellectual development.

Picture of DR art teacher

carrie Montgomery art specialist

In art, students engage in a variety of activities that enhance and support their learning at Dakota Ridge School. Our art teacher uses art to support Dakota Ridge students with a variety of skills including; art literacy, social skills, communication, using art as a leisure activity, teamwork, sensory regulation, and cognitive skills.